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the oldest sourdough starter in the world

The Oldest (Best) Sourdough Starter in the world

The Oldest (Best) Sourdough Starter in the world

The Oldest (Best) Sourdough Starter in the worldThe Oldest (Best) Sourdough Starter in the worldThe Oldest (Best) Sourdough Starter in the world

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Legendary sourdough

Sourdough Starter Facts:

When it comes to the best sourdough starter in the world... OLDER IS BETTER!  Don't let anyone fool you... the only people who tell you that the age of a sourdough starter doesn't matter are the people who have NEVER tried a sourdough recipe made from a well-aged and cared-for starter (and, quite honestly, there's some jealousy at work there, too).  The lactobacillus bacteria that give sourdough it's distinctive taste continue to develop and mature for as long as their environment is able to provide for such evolution.

To establish the best sourdough starter in the world one has to examine its nature and nurture.  First, the best ingredients must be selected when the starter is first created.  Second, it must be cared for... possibly for centuries... and only the finest flour and yeast added to activate it and keep it healthy.

In 1873, a miner from the mining camps of Butte, Montana was able to procure the ingredients for our sourdough starter from a traveler returning from Alaska, where the origins of sourdough recipes begin.  From that original starter we are able to trace our heritage and have worked tirelessly with historians and patent attorneys to prove the authenticity of our starter.  As fate would have it, we were able to obtain clear and indisputable provenance tracing the ownership and stewardship of our sourdough starter back to the very same starter created in the mining camps of Montana.  Now, with the blessing of our ancestors, we offer this timeless treasure and family heirloom to you.

We also have a limited number of copies of the original sourdough recipe guide and official glass storage jars available for purchase along with your order.  Help us carry on this legacy by creating legendary sourdough recipes in your own kitchen!

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